Finding a Job

I have applied approximately 1,000 places, give or take.

Ok, I haven’t applied 1,000 places, but it certainly feels that way.  With no financial aid this semester, I need a way to make money.  A girl’s gotta eat.  Plus, I’ve got this contract with Mountaineer Village that claims I owe them money every month.  What a hassle.

I wish job applications were different.  Not different from each other, because they’re all basically the same, but different from how they are now.  If you haven’t applied for a job lately, you might not know how mind-numbing the process really is.  Even worse though, is the fact that these job applications reveal very little about their applicants.  It tells you where I worked and my skills and experiences, sure.  But can it tell you that an applicant stayed up half the night with a sick friend?  Or that an applicant is charismatic and funny and puts others at ease?  Or that that the applicant is inconsiderate in traffic? (I believe this last one in particular is very telling about a person’s character.)

I think job applications should be closer to college applications, which admittedly, have their faults, but at least attempt to get to know the person as a whole.  How is a college application different from a job application?  They have essays.  An essay allows you to get to know a person as a writer, therefore, on a much deeper level than the typical job application.  I’m talking about short essays, 1,000 words or less, or short answer questions.  Employers can get to know their prospects as a whole this way before, or even without an interview. (I just want to interject that I am in no way saying that essays should replace interviews.  Interviews are obviously the best way to know someone.  I’m suggesting that an employer without time for interviews could use a few short answer questions instead.)

Ranting aside, I am looking at jobs in Boone and Wilkesboro, so shoot me an email if you hear of anything I might find interesting!